Why Packaging Means More Than You Think

Why Packaging Means More Than You Think

Your packaging is more than a means of transportation, it’s a way of communicating your brand. In today’s society brand is the strongest and most cost effective way of promoting your services and products. Being top of mind for a specific niche is key to growing your business and here's how you can do it through your packaging. 

1. Brand Awareness

Printed Packaging increases brand awareness

Your packaging can actually act as a means of spreading your brand and attracting potential customers. Also, when you order from a place and see the name on the side of the box, you will tend to remember the name of the place you ordered from more often.

For instance, if you order on Uber Eats and the paper bag is printed with a cool design and logo,  and your business name is on the side then you can potentially advertise to another group of people and the consumer will be more likely to recall the restaurant and thus more likely to reorder once again. 

Moreover, if you see someone walking home in the street with a plain pizza box, you don’t know anything about where the food came from or what the contents of the box might look like. On the other hand, when you see someone walking down the street with a domino’s pizza box, you can picture what the product looks like and where it’s from.

Also, if the brand you recognize is one you like, the logo will likely conjure up positive feelings based on personal experience eating or using their product and thus may purchase the product again.

2. Cost Effective Advertisement

All small businesses owners know that advertising becomes expensive quite quickly. Many people might believe the extra cost for branding packaging is not worth the investment. However the long term effects of branding outweigh the initial extra cost. Printing your packaging actually yields a greater return in the long run.

Printed Packaging is advertisement

For instance, like domino's pizza, your personalized packaging can act as a call-to-action, enticing past customers to purchase from you again as they are reminded what great experiences they’ve had with your product. This is why the extra cost, which is often very minimal, for printing of your packaging yields returns greater than the additional initial cost. In other words, printing your packaging can be a cost effective way to advertise your business.

Returning to the previous example of walking down the street and seeing a plain versus a printed pizza box. When people see a printed boxes they know where the pizza comes from, so you technically just advertised to that person.

Another example is when someone takes a picture of the branded pizza box and posts an update on their social media: “Pizza Night Tonight!!”. Since your business name is on the box, you’ve just advertised to another group of people! Instead of paying 60 cents per 1000 possible views you can pay a few cents more a box and reach more than a 1000 people directly rather than have your advertisement simply scrolled over.  

3. Quality of packaging says a lot about your brand.

Furthermore, the quality of packaging plays an important role in the client’s perception of your product. Subconsciously, when the quality of the box is better, consumers typically have higher expectations regarding the quality of the products enclosed.

Apple is a great example. They’ve patented their own packaging becausePrinted Paper bagsthey realize it’s importance. Many consumers feel that Apple products are superior in quality even before opening the box, all because the packaging evokes a sense of exceptional quality. In short, printed packaging is a great first step towards increasing your brand awareness and impressions. 

Lastly, when someone receives a creatively printed paper bag, they will have positive emotions and thus will attach those emotions with your brand, therefore improving branding awareness and perception. 

4. Customizing your Packaging

Moreover, the sky's the limit in terms of customized printed packaging. You can create any design you desire that may improve people’s impression of your brand and offerings. A simple design, instead of a plain brown or white box, can go a long way. If it’s creative enough, people will post it onto their social media. This is where the real return on investment comes into play. 


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