Apple Patented Boxes

What Apple's Patented Packaging Means for You!

Apple was one of the first companies to be consumer centric, focusing all their attention to the consumer experience. Due to this focus they were able to dominate the market of the modern world. Namely, they changed the way that we interact and communicate with each other as well as how connected we are with one another. Steve Jobs' attention to detail was Apple's differentiating feature.

He was so focused on consumer experience that he painstakingly refined every aspect and feature of his offering; the iPhone. During this refining process Steve Jobs realized the importance of packaging. In an effort of perfecting his offering, he noticed that packaging can lead to positive emotions that if correctly capitalized upon can create more satisfied customers. Packaging was, in fact, so important that he decided to patent his own iPhone's packaging

Patented Apple Box

The patent includes the rectangular shape with an inlet that displays the iPhone as soon as the air top of the box is removed. When the top slides off, it creates a ‘whoosh’ that is oddly satisfying. With this satisfying feeling the consumer sees their new iPhone for the first time and associates this positive feeling with the new phone. In other words, the packaging is one of the first points of contact with the consumer and is therefore crucial with your brand appearance. 

Apple’s patent highlights the importance and value that packaging has on consumer experience. Moreover, there should be time and effort dedicated to crafting one’s own unique packaging. Packaging can be customized in an infinite variety of different ways and is often easier than what most think. 

Custom Printed Packaging

A simple first step to customizing your packaging, rather than creating an entirely new style of box requiring research and engineering, is to print your packaging. Printing your packaging, such as with these few helpful customizing tips, can yield a similar effect of transference of positive association. Spending a few minutes of design work talking with a graphic designer as well as a small financial investment, can yield significant returns on investment in the long-run. 

A customly printed box gives your brand a new channel of advertisement, such as when customers take pictures of the box and post it to their social media. Also, a branded box adds an aspect of refinement and professionalism to your brand. In addition, printing a thoughtful and creative message can add another dimension to evoking emotions and creating positive attributions to your brand. 

If you are not fully convinced check out this article discussing how packaging is more impactful than you may think. In short, your packaging is as important as your product, because a flawed packaging will result in negative associations with your product.

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