Packaging Branding

Packaging Branding is One the Simplest Ways of Promoting your Business!

Packaging is another means of branding and differentiating yourself from competitors. When most think of branding they think of marketing campaigns, but branding goes beyond that. Branding is everything that the consumer experiences, feels, and believes about the brand. In other words, a brand can increase its brand value with unique and high quality packaging by associating those features of the packaging with your brand itself.


Packaging is often overlooked by many businesses, but it’s often the first and only point of contact in today’s current climate. With more and more consumers ordering their food and products online, packaging is becoming more and more important! 

However, many companies simply go with plain boxes or paper bags, but the consumer experience is not improved from this and is a lost opportunity to promote their brand. Other companies think that their boxes are meaningless, and that saving a few pennies from not customizing is entirely worth it, but they couldn’t be more wrong. 

Invest in Customized Packaging

For example, if your packaging feels cheap and flimsy, then the consumer experience is diminished. The feelings of opening or carrying the flimsy packaging may reflect that of disappointment, confusion, and overall not impressed, which will be attached to the product, and thereby the brand. 

Personalized Packaging

These associations form because the consumer may not entirely recall why they felt disappointed when they received the product and will naturally assume that those feelings were due to the product, and will not risk the chance of more disappointment by ordering again.. In short, your brand has the potential to be harmed or benefited by your packaging, so the cost of printing and customizing your packaging is always worth it. 


A great example is Apple, they patented their packaging because they realised the importance of every aspect of consumer experience, including their packaging (insert blog). More specifically, their boxes created an almost airtight seal that releases a “woosh” of air as it opens, resulting in the consumer experiencing a satisfying feeling that becomes attached to the new iPhone. 


The packaging you use says more about your brand than you think, consumers know this whether they admit it or not, because it often occurs at an unconscious level. From the feel of the packaging to the strength of the cardboard, every aspect of your packaging is important and relevant to the maximization of satisfaction of the consumer. 

Custom Packaging

As a small business owner, customizing your packaging can be a small step and investment that will yield massive returns in the long run. Swibbly is a great example of an easy and inexpensive packaging customization company that can help you along your journey of improving your consumer experience.

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