5 Ways to Customize Your Packaging!

5 Ways to Customize Your Packaging!

Did you know packaging can set your business apart from competitors? With an infinite number of ways to creatively customize your packaging, you are more likely to attract the eyes of potential customers. This article will discuss a few methods for standing out.

1) Printing

A cheap first step to attracting more customers is by printing your packaging with your contact information, logo, and name. By doing this, your packaging can serve as a creative and unique business card that will convert future consumers. 

Printed Packaging

An alternative, if you would rather not invest into printing, is using labels on your packaging. However, in the long run the extra cost of printing is offset by the costs involved with adding the labels; such as paying employee’s time, which may already be depleted, to label each individual box. Moreover, printing your packaging allows more surface area to add more relevant information

Labels on Packaging

2) Size and Shape

Creative shape Packaging

Another easy way to customize your packaging is by altering the size and shape. By creating a unique, eye-catching box, your product will stand out on the shelves, improving brand perception and awareness.

As you can see here the packaging implies a lunch take, due to its 'lunchbox' shape. In other words, you can use creative shapes to reinforce your brand's offering. 

3) Color

Color is another excellent way of differentiating your packaging. You can ‘flood’ the color, that is to color the whole box a specific color. This can be a great method if your brand is centred around a specific color such as “Tiffany Blue.” Another method is making the text featured on the white or brown coloured box the same color as your brand’s central color. 

Flood Color Packaging

However, the most significant way of calling more attention to your product is by printing your packaging using two or more colors as pictured below. This will certainly yield a lot more recognition than a simple single color, creating a contrast between the colors of the text and that of the box. 

4) Printing Inside the Box

Another option could be printing the inside of your box for extra flair. For instance, you could print a message inside the box so that when the consumer opens the box they are met with a creative message. This method can improve consumer experience while invoking positive emotions through the selected message. 

Inside Printed Packaging

5) Printing a Game!

Printing the bottom of the box with a game—such as chess, chequers, or dart board—can create a positive association with the packaging. As well, consumers are more likely to take a picture of the packaging’s unique aspect and upload it to their social media, further increasing your brand awareness. 

Game Upon Packaging


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